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We provide local communities in Surrey (and further afield) with leadership of land-based projects, outdoor learning activities and advice about ecology, conservation, countryside skills, wildlife gardening, arts & crafts.

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Community Interest Company (CN: 13256751 UK)

We are a not-for-profit company that provides project leaders, outdoor learning practitioners and consultants in partnership with other professionals. We are committed to helping local communities, volunteer groups, families and individuals.

Financial support from Waitrose (Dorking) 'Give A Little Love' scheme


We encourage learning about landscapes, habitats & wildlife so that you can conserve nature & your local environment for future generations to enjoy.


We promote best practice for planning land-based projects so that you can create, restore, maintain & enhance habitats to benefit wildlife & people.


We teach practical skills in the outdoor environment so that you can carry out countryside management more effectively and gain useful work experience.


We demonstrate how to grow wild plants & create ponds so that you will attract wildlife into your garden or green space.


We run workshops in the outdoors so that you can create rustic crafts & art inspired by nature & wildlife.


We share our ideas for re-using & recycling waste materials so that you can reduce your impact on the wider environment. 

Our Vision is...

"That by leading change & influencing behaviour we will help you to achieve your full potential & nurture skills so that you can sustain improvements to your life & make space for nature in your local green place."